1. Filming a music video with @richarddphoto today. Its getting creepy. #filming

  2. Today is a big day.

  3. Suffering a total lack of motivation and inspiration today.

  4. Missing my tour brothers. This was so much fun. So glad I had the confidence to do it. #tourlife #flycrew #lightyouup @lightyouup @roamuk @asitisofficial @purelifeclothing

  5. I am suffering major post tour blues. Real life sucks. Thank you so much to @lightyouup for giving me one of the greatest two weeks of my life. @roamuk and @asitisofficial were ok to I guess. #filming #tourlife #lightening #rain #lightyouup

  6. Always working. #megabuseditsuite #tourlife

  7. Last day of tour lunch at Hooters. Been the best 2 weeks. Thank you to @lightyouup @asitisofficial and @roamuk for being the dudes!! #tourlife

  8. Day 9 of 10 and I have suffered a tour injury. I fell down some stairs. #tourlife

  9. Delicious… So is my ice lolly. #tourlife #sweatingmyballsoff

  10. It doesnt look like much but this picture is me at my happiest. I am currently in a car park somewhere between Bristol and London standing in the pouring rain filming a thunder storm. If I didnt take chances and people didnt believe in me then I would not be here now. I experienced something spectacular and unique tonight with some of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I am eternally greatful for this moment. Flycrew forever!

  11. Working in the best surroundings. Life is good. #tourlife

  12. gavfrontrow #tourlife

  13. Breakfast time.

  14. Toilet break.

  15. Da boiz!