1. USA! USA! Its a @teamupcardiff party!!

  2. Spending my day slicing and dicing. #editing

  3. One of the high rollers for @iamafalseprophet’s birthday. #bingo #makinitrain

  4. One of the high rollers for @iamafalseprophets birthday. #bingo

  5. Breakfast. Doing it right. Greek yoghurt, blueberries and honey. #breakfast

  6. Well this sucks. Sprained ankle. #tattoos #bandage

  7. frontrowprod:

    Fun little recut I made for the Team Up Cardiff “The Breakfast Club” themed club night I DJ at.

  8. Shit just got real. #thewalkingdead

  9. Currently cant stop listening to this. And Fleetwood Mac. I dont know where it has come from. But I dont care. I love it. #music #stevienicks #fleetwoodmac

  10. Love this EP. I cant wait to finally read the comic that it comes with. #polarity #sayanything #comics

  11. Watching my friends doing what they love. Its the best!!

  12. Sorry… I think I have something in my eye. Such a perfect end to the best show. It will be missed. #himym

  13. Lunch time. Grilled halloumi and roasted veg panini and virgin mojito. So good!

  14. Rain

  15. Tonight is an acoustic @thewonderyearsband kind of night. #poppunk #twy